Certified DevOps Executive

Certified Devops Executive Certification

Aspire to be a dexterous and dynamic DevOps Executive

DevOps is a progressive transformational journey towards Agility. This certification empowers you to understand DevOps landscape, its principles, tools & technologies perfectly blended with hands-on assignments. After completing this certification, you will be able to adopt the DevOps culture, build an understanding around tools and drive your organization to embrace DevOps.

After completing this certification, you will be able to adopt the DevOps culture, build an understanding around tools and drive your organization to embrace DevOps.

Certification Cost: $95 USD

DevOps Executives are the key players who manage the scoping and penetration of DevOps into their organizations by identifying, selecting and prioritizing the vital elements for DevOps success. This certification helps you gain proficiency on how to align teams with business procedures.

The responsibility to implement and utilize the DevOps capability within an organization lies with the DevOps Executives. They prepare and guide DevOps team members for the cultural shift and enable them to align their work and planning according to DevOps practices. The DevOps Executive certificate will provide knowledge on how to persuade teams to perform effectively and foster a constructive work environment.

DevOps Executives ensure all DevOps Professionals are trained appropriately and are given roles and responsibilities according to their skill and experience levels. Executives toil hard to empower their team members by mentoring them and supporting them in resource planning etc. They remove all issues and obstacles to make the DevOps a success.

This certification equips professionals with understanding of practices, methods, and tools used for people engagement through real-life scenarios and case studies.

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Benefits for Employees, IT professionals

  • It will be your Official Proof of Competence and up-to-date Knowhow in DevOps Domain.
  • Distinguished achievement, helps you stay ahead of your competitors
  • Build competence around DevOps and its adoption, and broaden your perspective on delivery management

Benefits for Employers/Organizations

  • Reduced Costs due to enhanced efficiency of your teams, processes and strategies of an organization
  • More work and projects due to trained and qualified team members
  • Greater employee satisfaction as they are encouraged to upskill themselves

Targeted Audience

Some of the roles that can benefit from the DevOps Executive Certification are:

  • Professionals starting or leading a DevOps cultural transformation initiative
  • Individuals keen to learn about modern IT leadership strategies
  • Software Engineering Managers
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Consultants
  • IT Directors
  • Practitioners
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Integration Specialists
  • Tool Providers

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    Topics Covered

    You must be equipped with the following skills, to pass the certification exam

    • Decipher the current Definitions of DevOps
    • How to be a transformational Leader?
    • The DevOps Business Case – Benefits
    • How to become a DevOps organization?
    • How to foster a High-Trust Culture?
    • Understand the DevOps Mindset
    • Identify key differences between DevOps IT and traditional IT
    • Focus on operating models and organizational design
    • How to motivate people through rewards and recognition?
    • Innovate and share Ideas for organizing workflows
    • Define meaningful metrics and articulate long-term vision
    • Empower People and encourage participation
    • Maintain high-energy and blame-free environment

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    Certified DevOps Executive Certification

    Certification Exam

    Your Certified DevOps Executive Exam is a multiple-choice online test containing 30 questions. You can appear for the exam from your own PC, from anywhere around the world. You get 45 minutes in a single session to answer your questions. There are no other hidden costs or fees involved.

    In order to pass, you must correctly answer at least 70% of your test questions. On passing the certification exam, you will receive the industry recognized “Certified DevOps Executive” Certificate to prove your DevOps prowess. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps University.

    How to Prepare for the Exam?

    The candidates who wish to appear for this certification can find all topics and study material available in the Certified DevOps courses, offered by DevOps University. The training is exhaustive and rigorous and covers all key topics of certification exam.Read More

    Exam Details

    • Language                        : English
    • Number of questions   : 30
    • Passing score                 : 70% (21 questions)
    • Duration                         : 45 minutes
    • Format                            : MCQ, True/False
    • Online                             : Yes
    • Maximum Attempts     : 1
    • Certificate validation    : Lifetime
    • Cost                                 :  $95

    Yes, once you buy an exam you will get access to a personalized student dashboard from where you can see your DevOps Certification details. You can also download your earned certification and badge from here.

    An email notification with your exam credentials will be sent on your registered email id and you can take your exam within 60 days.

    DevOps Executive certification is designed for participants who want to take a transformational leadership path and accelerate their career and make an impact in their organization by implementing DevOps. A DevOps leader requires a specific skill set and knowledge about tools. This certification helps you to achieve this as well as teach how to think innovatively and collaborate to expand the organization.

    The DevOps Executive certification is unique, targeting the key differences and originating procedures for successful DevOps leadership in an expeditious agile environment. This certification tests you on the real-life best practices on how to lead DevOps initiatives.

    Yes, you can take your exam online as per your convenience from anywhere.

    Your employer any other organization can validate your DevOps Certifications credentials just by entering your certificate id or your personal credentials.

    No, DevOpsUniversity.org doesn’t only value the training provided by its allied training partners, but we also acknowledge what expertise you have gained through self-study or other resources.

    Yes, the DevOps Certifications provided by DevOpsUniversity.org are well recognized across the IT industry. DevOps Certifications assessment criteria is stringent and oriented on practical approach, which makes your DevOps Certification completely unique from our competitors.

    DevOps Certification earned by you from DevOpsUniversity.org will be valid for lifetime.

    Yes, the DevOps Certifications issued by DevOpsUniversity.org are accepted worldwide.