Certified DevOps Developer

Certified DevOps Developer Certification

Become a pro in software development, the DevOps way

DevOps Developer Certification enables you to understand DevOps principles, culture, and various automation tools required for Continuous Integration. It is designed for developers who are working on agile principles and wish to explore the continuous development approach. After this certification, you will be able to align yourself and grow with the development practices adopted to achieve continuous delivery.

DevOps developers are the “tech-savvy” associate of their customers, who are hired and trusted for their technical acumen. They are accountable to translate business goals into software designs and then, to executable software solutions.

Certification Cost: $95 USD

As a DevOps Developer, you are responsible to develop and deploy small chunks of code frequently. This certification targets all the key aspects of continuous integration and the automation tools used at each step in the process.

DevOps developers are constantly aware of the business goals and expectations. Unlike other developers, they don’t code in isolation, but rather work closely with all the stakeholders, to ensure the final product is a delight to the customers. They are not just answerable for their own piece of code, but are incharge of the end-to-end development cycle right from requirements gathering and analysis stage until the maintenance of delivered software. This exam will prepare you for all the skills required to drive continuous development in your project.

An ace DevOps developer understands values the power of collaboration and always works towards a unified vision. Through this certification, you will master the art of integrating different tools together in a pipeline, fix issues, and facilitate quicker high-quality software deliveries, seamlessly.

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Benefits for Employees, IT professionals

    • It is an official evidence of your expertise on DevOps development practices.
    • It gives you an edge over others and helps you get better career opportunities compared to others at the same level.
    • Median Salary for DevOps Developers is $105,600

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Benefits for Employers/Organizations

  • With qualified DevOps Developers in the team, productivity is higher.
  • Better quality deliverables and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Understanding of CI/CD pipeline, DevOps tools stack
  • Ability to develop code using Continuous Integration approach

Targeted Audience

If you are passionate about developing efficient, high quality software and are determined to be a pro DevOps practitioner, this certification is apt for you

The target audience for the DevOps Developer certification includes:

  • IT professionals seeking an understanding of DevOps methodologies
  • Developers working in an agile development environment
  • DevOps team members wishing to become expert in Continuous Integration process

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    Topics Covered

    You must have the knowledge and understanding of the following topics, to pass the certification exam

    • Understanding DevOps terminologies
    • Describe and implement DevOps principles and methodologies
    • Comprehend and apply core concepts behind CICD pipeline
    • DevOps as an extension to Agile
    • Impact of DevOps on IT industry
    • Benefits of adopting DevOps
    • Lean philosophy and IT service management
    • Streamlined workflows, effective communication and feedback loops
    • Explain the types of version control systems, continuous integration tools, continuous monitoring tools, and cloud models
    • Discover how to manage and track different versions of the code and other artifacts using Version Control tools like Git, GitHub etc.
    • Configuring Integration Servers like Jenkins and integrating other tools like Git, Maven with it
    • Integration with Unit Testing Frameworks like JUnit
    • Know the benefit of using artifactories like JFrog
    • Understanding containerization and how to build containers using tools such as Docker
    • Discern the importance of Configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet & Ansible

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    Certified DevOps Developer Certification

    Certification Exam

    Your Certified DevOps Developer Exam is a multiple-choice online test containing 30 questions. You can appear for the exam from your own PC, from anywhere around the world. You get 45 minutes in a single session to answer your questions. There are no other hidden costs or fees involved.

    In order to pass, you must correctly answer at least 70% of your test questions. On passing the certification exam, you will receive the industry recognized “Certified DevOps Developer” Certificate to prove your DevOps prowess. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps University.

    How to Prepare for the Exam

    The candidates who wish to appear for this certification, may choose to prepare through the Certified DevOps courses offered by DevOps University. They are exhaustive and rigorous and cover all key topics of the certification exam.

    Exam Details

    • Language                        : English
    • Number of questions   : 30
    • Passing score                 : 70% (21 questions)
    • Duration                         : 45 minutes
    • Format                            : MCQ, True/False
    • Online                             : Yes
    • Maximum Attempts     : 1
    • Certificate validation    : Lifetime
    • Cost                                 :  $95

    Yes, once you buy an exam you will get access to a personalized student dashboard from where you can see your DevOps Certification details. You can also download your earned certification and badge from here.

    An email notification with your exam credentials will be sent on your registered email id and you can take your exam within 60 days.

    DevOps Developer certification is designed for those developers who want to gain knowledge about how continuous integration happens in DevOps. This certification enables developers to understand differences in continuous development approach against the usual development process. Those who want to master the art of developing software applications, the DevOps way, must take this certification.

    The DevOps Developer certification is an advanced certification specifically targeted for developers, and has a complete hands-on orientation. It covers all the tools used in Continuous Integration, the best development practices that makes DevOps a success. You will understand the importance of each step like version control etc and also learn how to work on various tools available for accomplishing each step.

    Yes, you can take your exam online as per your convenience from anywhere.

    Your employer any other organization can validate your DevOps Certifications credentials just by entering your certificate id or your personal credentials.

    No, DevOpsUniversity.org doesn’t only value the training provided by its allied training partners, but we also acknowledge what expertise you have gained through self-study or other resources.

    Yes, the DevOps Certifications provided by DevOpsUniversity.org are well recognized across the IT industry. DevOps Certifications assessment criteria is stringent and oriented on practical approach, which makes your DevOps Certification completely unique from our competitors.

    DevOps Certification earned by you from DevOpsUniversity.org will be valid for lifetime.

    Yes, the DevOps Certifications issued by DevOpsUniversity.org are accepted worldwide.